Derrick makes artificial limbs for people who have lost them and records videos for vets.

Derrick Campan’s heart is big and good. This American orthopedist saved the lives of many hurt animals over the course of his life.

Now, Derrick has about 20,000 animals, all of which he has literally put on his feet. Derrick makes artificial limbs for animals who have lost them and makes training videos for vets.

Derrick was just starting his career, and he planned to make prosthetics for people. But when something bad happened to his dog, his plans changed drastically.

Labrador Charles hurt his paw badly and needed a replacement right away. Derrick tried to make his pet a denture on his own, and he was successful. Then he decided that he would help hurt animals for the rest of his life.

He started Animal Ortho Care 15 years ago. At first, the company made prosthetics for pets, but then it started making prosthetics for animals in zoos and reserves.

Derrick has made thousands of artificial limbs for dogs, cats, goats, camels, foxes, sheep, gazelles, and elephants over the past few years.

Veterinarians from all over the world come to Animal Ortho Care, and Derrick has even seen some of their patients in person.

Well, if an animal that needs a prosthesis isn’t in the United States, a special kit is sent to its owner that helps figure out the exact shape of the limb. Then, a prosthesis is made based on these measurements.

Derrick is well-known in the United States, and “Heroes Among Us” has been on the show many times. Derrick says that making a prosthetic leg for an elephant named Jabba was his most important project.