Kids grow up in a different world now than they did almost 20 years ago. Back then, schools had strict rules about what students could wear, and classroom lessons would have scared kids of today. Over the years, there have been many changes in technology, and many things that used to be in schools and classrooms are no longer there.

The chalkboard is one of the most important things that schools no longer have. Many of you may have used them to do math or write in cursive. It was also fun when teachers asked you to clean the erasers when everyone else had to stay inside. Smart boards have taken the place of these chalkboards.

Aside from the chalkboards, there were also chalk holders, which could be used in different ways. When teachers had to write out music or teach how to write, they used them all the time. It was also a great way to copy lines from a notebook or graph paper. Back in the good old days, teachers also used maps and diagrams that were hung above the chalkboards. Google Maps has made it easier to get to places these days.

Library card catalogs are another thing that schools no longer have. The way the cards were stacked was different from anything else, and you couldn’t even use it if you didn’t know about the “Dewey Decimal System.” Kids today can’t understand how hard it was for their parents and grandparents to find a book. Now, with just a few mouse clicks, you can find out everything about books.

There are also changes in physical education or gym classes at school. Dodgeball was the best way to get rid of stress because you could hit a classmate in the face with a rubber ball. But these days, this game is seen as too rough and is no longer played at school. Digital watches have taken the place of analog clocks. Because of this, most kids today have trouble reading analog clocks.

You may also remember sharpening your pencils on the wall before a test. But most students today use mechanical pencils. Because of this, most people have never had to wait in line to use the pencil sharpener. In the good old days, people used a slide rule to do math. It was great because it didn’t need batteries.

In the past, teaching was also a lot of fun. If a student was having trouble understanding a lesson, the teacher could bring a reel-to-reel projector to help them. The students loved being in charge of the projectors. In the end, these tools were replaced by TV-VCRs, which are also no longer around. Even report cards are now done on a computer. Schools have changed a lot over time, and many things that used to be there are no longer there.