In addition to verbs, he distinguished between internal mechanisms and hypotheses.

Thanks to one of its four-legged residents, the South Carolina (USA) city of Spartanburg gained national recognition.

Chaser, a nine-year-old border collie, knows over one thousand words. In addition, he identified readily between internal mechanisms, hypotheses, and verbs.

As was previously assumed, she increased her vocabulary and her ability to think logically and make suitable decisions, which is exclusive to humanoids and dolphins.

John Pilley, 85 years old, a retired animal psychologist from Wofford College in Spartanburg, was responsible for the dog’s extraordinary intelligence.

Obviously, the dog did not attain such phenomenal success in a single day. Chaser gained notoriety in 2011 due to a magazine piece published in Behavioral Processes.

The dog learnt to identify a new word with familiar objects and was able to categorize objects.

In an interview with Mailonline, John Pili remarked, “Her thirst for information is insatiable.” «We interact with her for five hours per day! Occasionally I already pass out from exhaustion, but she doesn’t care.

“The pursuer is a regular dog,” the psychologist declares. «I hope that people will interact with their dogs more in order to teach them new skills. I don’t only mean vocabulary, but also studying my dog. Determine what makes your dog happy».

Tragically, Chaser passed away in 2019, a year after its owner. Nonetheless, individuals recall the dog’s amazing prospects.