Cat owners understand how much their feline buddies enjoy bringing ‘gifts’ from their outside escapades. Cats are famous for bringing all sorts of delicacies into the house, from leaves to mice.

This unique gift was a strange ball of feathers and grass for one household.

They quickly agreed that being mystified as to what the peculiar mixture of elements was, caution was the wisest course of action. On closer inspection, the unusual ball revealed itself to be a nest.

Fortunately, the concerned family selected Folly Wildlife Rescue in England to transfer the entire nest to the rightful owners. Sarah Nunn, a trustee of the center, stated.

“Because they didn’t know where the nest came from, they couldn’t put it back where it belonged.” It had never previously been unlocked. They have no idea if anything was in it.”

After removing the first layer, the crew realized what was within the beautiful nest.

They found three small long-tailed tits, an unfertilized egg, and two others who had not fared as well and had died.

The young birds were so small that the crew couldn’t distinguish what species they were at first and identified them as Gold-crests.

The birds have been reported to be doing well after one week, but the staff is conscious that it is still too early to know if they will be strong enough to make it. Regardless, they are committed to providing them with all of the care and attention they require.

Nunn went on to say that the whole situation could have been averted if cats were kept indoors at night so they wouldn’t disturb wildlife when they walked outside.