In this lesson, you’ll explore the meanings behind different hues and discover insights about your personality through a fascinating test.

Just look at the picture and choose the tree that appeals to you.


You are an optimistic person who finds the silver lining in even the toughest situations. You view life as an exciting adventure full of unexpected twists and turns.


Your unique character likely comes from your strong sense of independence. No obstacles can stand between you and your goals.


You possess high levels of empathy and perceptiveness, and you probably enjoy introspective activities.


You have a stable demeanor, a clear grasp of reality, and a reputation for being dependable. You’re like a brick wall, solid and reliable.


You are driven and responsible, with a strong sense of ambition and self-confidence. You prefer to be in control of everything!


Regular relaxation is crucial for you. Taking time off to recharge and unwind is essential to your well-being.