Consider how wonderful the world would be if we all helped each other when we were in need. It would have been a dream come true to live in such a world. Unfortunately, we do not live in such a magical world. As a result, most of the time, the natural instinct to help is absent. In an emergency, many people either freeze or respond too slowly to ensure a beneficial conclusion!

Nonetheless, the world is full of great examples of acts of kindness. This is also the situation with this young man. Valerio Catoia, a young Italian man with Down’s syndrome who has no qualms about going to others’ rescue. However, he was recently praised for risking his life to save a girl who was drowning at sea. He deserves to be recognized as the hero that he is…

He was present on a beach in Sabaudia, in the province of Lazio, Italy, one day because of his religion. With his father, he was enjoying the beautiful day and the chilly ocean. He had no idea that circumstances would unfold that would require his skills. It was an ideal day to be on the beach because there was no breeze and everything was really tranquil. However, Valerio and his father were startled to hear calls for aid from two sisters, one of whom was 14 and the other only 10. They were being swept out to sea by a strong tide.

Despite his state, he jumped into the sea with his father and began swimming to the rescue. He didn’t even think about it for a second. He arrived at the younger child in a flash and performed a rescue maneuver he’d studied on a training. While dragging her to the beach, he managed to keep her head above water. According to ABC, his father did the same thing with his older sister at the same time.

The lifeguards took command of the situation as they arrived at the beach. But make no mistake: Valerio and his father were the ones who saved the girls from a life-threatening situation.

Valerio was hailed as a hero in the news almost immediately. He remained, nevertheless, the same humble, shy man he had always been. However, people must recognize Valerio’s generosity. He didn’t waste any time in running to the aid of two sisters who were in serious need of assistance.

He is deserving of the worldwide acclaim he is receiving. It’s no surprise that he’s been dubbed a hero! Well done, Valerio; we need more people like you in the world!