When four vibrant grandmothers wowed millions of viewers worldwide in a renowned reality TV talent competition, they demonstrated that age doesn’t matter. People even half their age were in wonder and envious of their dancing skills.

Simon Cowell, the infamous talent judge, rarely smiles or responds favorably to the performances of aspirational performers. But the four older men helped him stand up while cheering and grinning ear to ear. The Cacooners, with its sarcastic moniker, is a group made up of four grandparents.

The name is a reference to the classic movie Cocoon, in which elderly individuals stumble upon a pool that grants them youthful vitality.

Maxine, Heather, Michelle, Lynn, and Lynn ascended the stage with pride. With their tap-dancing prowess and glittering attire, they astounded the judges and the uninformed audience.

Watch the video below!