Today, we’ll tell you the story of a genuine hero who, while on vacation, gave up all to save teenagers in another nation. For a few days, he was absent from them. The entire process took a very long time.

The teenagers and their trainer who had been taken prisoner from the cave were being rescued in a dramatic operation that the entire world was watching.

The 12 lads and their trainer were eventually saved after more than 2 weeks. Richard Harris, an Australian diver and part-time doctor from Adelaide, Australia, was on holiday in Thailand when he discovered the teens who had become captives in the cave.

Harris was one of the crucial players in the difficult rescue mission.

An Australian government source claims that Thai authorities requested Richard’s assistance since he was a skilled specialist with a great deal of experience in cave rescue operations.

Richard visited the teens’ location to see how they were doing and then spent three days in the cave with them.

He didn’t leave the cave until everyone was outside, unharmed.