Recently, the fearless tumblers from “The Nervous Nocks” joined a father and daughter on “America’s Got Talent” to perform their astounding gymnastic feats. The Nervous Nocks’ trapeze artists, Angelina and Michelangelo, terrified the judges and the entire audience with their amazing performance.

Simon Cowell confirmed this for the other appointed bodies they met on AGT during a conversation with Michael Angelo. But the group had to leave the performance because Michelangelo was feeling under the weather.

There were just few other people in the band “The Nervous Nocks.”

We’ll chat about the talented tumbler, Angelina, 30, who competed at AGT, and his equally talented, 56-year-old father, Michael Angelo.

These talks, which were first delivered in 1840, continue to captivate audiences today. They ultimately succeeded in regaining their last name from the English Queen.

She informed my grandfather that swinging the shaft was “nervous,” according to the judges.

All the appointed authorities were speechless after their performance. The competitors instantly mounted the swinging shafts and astounded the judges with their high-flying, blindfolded acrobatics. The swarm hailed them successfully.

Following their performance, Heidi Klum said, “My hands are wet, and my heart is pounding. When I watch the shafts go in different directions, I feel a little queasy. Afterward, I think of the two of you. I’m exhausted. You all are amazing. When Simon inquired, Sofia Vergara added that it was a really tumultuous presentation and that she was very uncomfortable due to her concern that they might not be able to obtain him.

Michelangelo responded by saying that it’s probably not.

Simon continued to discuss his assessment of the performance. “What’s most amazing about your performance is that you look so ordinary, yet you’re not,” he told the couple. What you just done was great, in my opinion. They were informed that yes by all three appointed agencies. (Howdy Mandel couldn’t be reached) and they advanced to the following round of AGT.

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