British artist Tom Baker has a peculiar pastime that has helped him become well-known around the world. Tom is now the sole person who uses a can of fake snow and brushes to create amazing murals on the windows.

Of course, his creations won’t endure forever. The artist’s brushstrokes are all so delicate and light that it appears as though nature itself painted these scenes.

The author’s major piece is a stunning snow image that the artist chose to paint on the window of one of the Berkshire area’s children’s hospitals (UK). The artist worked on this masterpiece for a few hours.

The hospital’s staff and guests were all amazed by what they saw!

Because of how well-liked his paintings are, Baker now gets orders from people and businesses in addition to requests from friends to put them in their holiday-decorated windows. It’s endless to see Tom make something beautiful from nothing! Each of the author’s works is distinctive due to his or her great taste and creative ability.

Here are some examples of the artwork displayed in the windows of UK government buildings:

When a warm street light is turned on outside the room, a special effect is produced: These are very wonderful creations that captivate everyone.

In addition to showcasing the breathtaking beauty of his creations, the artist was also able to transport the audience into a fairy tale, which is so wanted on the eve of the approaching holidays!