Babies are pure creatures who love to act like their parents. They love to do whatever their parents do, whether it’s working on the computer, working out, watching TV, or reading the newspaper.

A few babies were caught recently trying to act like their dads. At the same time, they worked out, or to be more specific, they did pushups while they worked out. These babies showed that even toddlers can do pushups in a much cuter way.

The first baby tried to start the exercise routine by picking up a couple of light dumbbells. But the kid couldn’t handle the weight, and he started to cry. Then a little boy jumped on the couch to imitate his father, who was running on the treadmill.

Some dads tried to teach their toddlers the right way to do push-ups. One of these fathers tried to show his two-year-old son how to do push-ups. But his son decided that the best way to show that he was trying was to lift his head once and make noises.

Most of the toddlers were able to turn the push-up session into a Yoga session. One of these babies was in his own room, lying on the floor, trying to do pushups like his father. But in the end, he did Yoga instead.

A smart little boy saw his dad doing push-ups next to him. Even though he tried to be like his father, he soon realized how hard the workout was. He started to lightly hit his head on the carpeted floor as if to protest.

All of the babies did push-ups in their own baby ways. Even though they wanted to act like their dads, they all did silly things that made their dads laugh out loud.