In London’s St. Pancras International Station, which is used by millions of people every day, there is a single piano. Anyone who wants to can play it.

Even though many of the people who try to entertain tourists do their best, not many are as good as Cole Lam. In 2019, when he was only 12, he wowed the crowd with a Queen song.

In the video, Cole is just about to play when a man stops him. The man wants to hear the classic Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody.

What happened next shocked everyone, and thankfully, it was caught on camera. The young musician began to play the well-known song, but he didn’t just play the notes over and over again. Instead, he started playing the song so well that, if you closed your eyes, you’d think an adult was playing the piano.

Anyone walking by could see that the child was playing with everything he had. He shut his eyes and gave his best performance.

We’re lucky that the pianist himself put the video of this beautiful moment online. Cole’s YouTube page says that, in addition to being a good pianist, he is also a good singer and songwriter.

Sir Elton John actually gave the station its piano.

Check out the amazing video below: