On the hit Fox News show The Five, Jesse Watters, a news anchor, talked about a big change in his life. Watters’ wife, Emma DiGiovine, and he are having a girl. Jesse Bailey Watters Jr., their son, was born on April 2, 2021.

Watters said, “Emma, my wife, is having a girl. So, we’re having a girl, and she’s been pregnant for five months, which I think is halfway. She looks so great that you can’t even tell she’s pregnant.”

Greg Gutfeld, one of the hosts, couldn’t help himself and made a joke: “There’s no gender until the child decides.” Watters replied, “No, in our family, we guess the gender at birth, and we’re usually right.”

Later that night, Jesse criticized the Democrats and Hollywood elites for the 45th Kennedy Center Honors on his popular Fox News show during primetime.

Jesse said:

“Liberals like a lot of things, like masks, voting by mail, and electric cars. But there’s one thing they love more than anything else: themselves.

“And stars in Hollywood think they don’t get enough credit. They don’t think that fame and money are enough, so they throw parties for themselves: the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Golden Globes.

“They give trophies to each other on TV to show everyone how hard they work. And since we like movies, we put up with all the pomp and circumstance to see our favorite movie win.

“But something has happened recently. No longer was it enough to just act.

“You had to get involved.

“When celebrities got up on stage to accept their little trophies, they went on and on about climate change and how they were being treated unfairly, and America stopped listening.

“No one wants to hear about politics from these people, and we don’t need lectures from strangers.

“The ratings went down, and unless someone got hit in the face. The next day, no one talked about the show.

“However, Hollywood has a way around this.

“Hollywood and D.C. Democrats work together to give themselves the celebration they deserve.

“The Kennedy Center Honors became the new Oscars. It was the most important thing that happened all year.

“Everyone important was there.

“Matt Damon, George Clooney, Kamala’s husband, and Julia Roberts.

“Every star was out.

“Nancy told Bono to kiss the ring.

“Sean Penn and Anthony Blinken talked.

He said, “They fought over who Zelenskyy likes more.”