Many of the people who perform on the Got Talent shows sing or dance, but Oake says that his act is different. “When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be a doctor,” he says. “But my parents made me promise to be a magician.”

He was joking, but what a great way to start a story!

Still, Oake says that he has been interested in magic ever since he was a child and has made it his life’s work. Without much more to say, the judges give Oake the green light to sing.

Things only get more complicated as the show goes on.

Before people can figure out what the first bird is, he seems to rip it in half… there are now two birds. At this point, everyone in the audience goes crazy.

Maybe the most amazing thing is that he breaks the cage in half… and then there are two caged birds!
For the big finish, he turns the whole bird cage into a woman in a dress. When it’s all over, he gets a huge round of applause from both the judges and the crowd.