Dina Lohan, a mother of four and grandmother of one, couldn’t contain her excitement as she eagerly awaited meeting her daughter Lindsay Lohan’s newborn baby boy. Lindsay, 37, and her financier husband, Bader Shammas, welcomed their first child, a son named Luai. Dina shared her overwhelming love and joy about the happy baby news during an interview.

Dina revealed that her flight was scheduled for that day, and she was thrilled about the early arrival of baby Luai. The family was ecstatic and over the moon with love as they welcomed the beautiful and healthy baby boy, whose name, Luai, has Arabic origins, meaning “shield or protector.” However, the exact date of Luai’s birth in Dubai was not disclosed at the time.

This was a long-awaited moment for Lindsay, as her mother shared how maternal she has always been and how much she adores children. Dina expressed her happiness and pride in her daughter, exclaiming how incredible and beautiful this journey into motherhood was for Lindsay. Dina marveled at the fact that her eldest child was now having a baby, though she did jokingly admit that it made her feel a bit older.

Lindsay’s new addition to the family marked the second grandchild for Dina, as her son Michael Lohan Jr. and his wife Nina Ginsberg had already welcomed a daughter named Isabel Scarlet in June 2021. The Lohan family had a strong bond and love for children, making this joyous event all the more meaningful. Lindsay’s dream of becoming a mother had come true, and Dina praised her husband, Bader, as a sweet angel and the perfect partner for her daughter during this special time.