Check out this hilarious video of a dog getting scolded by his owner for destroying a pricey pillow. The adorable pup, named Frisbee, is a mix of border collie and koolie. When his owner, Marcella Maioli, discovered the pillow bits scattered all over the room, she gently scolds him, but Frisbee decides to hide behind the bed, refusing to look at her. Despite being upset, Marcella can’t help but giggle at his reaction.

Marcella, a 27-year-old dog owner from the Sunshine Coast in Australia, revealed that the damaged pillow cost over a hundred bucks. And this isn’t the first time Frisbee has caused trouble; he’s been quite the little troublemaker before.

The video went viral, spreading smiles everywhere. People love how cute and funny Frisbee’s behavior is, and it’s a reminder of the adorable antics our furry friends can get up to. So, if you need a good laugh, be sure to check out the video and enjoy Frisbee’s adorable reaction to being scolded.