Few movie stars have endured the trials of time and remained as relevant as Morgan Freeman. With over 50 years in the entertainment industry, the 86-year-old actor has garnered a legion of fans and seen it all.

Freeman’s spotless reputation, impeccable work ethic, and unforgettable performances in iconic films have endeared him to nearly everyone. Moreover, his unmatched soothing voice has become legendary in its own right.

Morgan Freeman explains dark reason behind his gold hoop earrings

Fans of Freeman may have noticed the golden earrings he often wears, and it turns out they hold a special significance. Reports suggest that Freeman began wearing them in his youth, and they have remained a constant companion throughout his illustrious career, symbolizing both the highs and lows he has experienced along the way.

Despite his current status as one of the world’s most beloved stars, Morgan Freeman faced challenges breaking into the industry, especially early in his career.

Morgan Freeman explains clever reason why he always wears earrings

Unlike many of today’s male actors, Freeman didn’t start his acting journey as a child or even a young adult. It wasn’t until he was nearly fifty years old that he got his big break. His debut came in the 1986 film Street Smart, and from there, his career skyrocketed.

Since then, Freeman’s performances on the silver screen have only become more impressive. He won an Oscar for his role in Million Dollar Baby in 2005 and received Academy Award nominations for his work in films such as The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Invictus (2014), and, of course, Street Smart (1986).

Dark reason behind why Morgan Freeman wears gold hoop earrings

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Morgan Freeman has amassed a reported fortune of $250 million (£199 million) throughout his illustrious career. Despite his financial success, the veteran actor has remained loyal to a particular accessory: his gold earrings.

Addressing fans in a recent Instagram post, Freeman put an end to much speculation surrounding his choice of earrings, stating, “These earrings. I’m often asked about them. Truth be told, they barely cover the cost of a coffin if I were to pass away in a foreign land. That’s why sailors used to wear them, and I still do.”

Morgan Freeman Reveals Why He Wears 2 Gold Hoop Earrings

In a 2016 interview with Fox News, Freeman elaborated on his decision, revealing that he was also inspired by Burt Lancaster’s golden earrings in the 1952 film The Crimson Pirate. “That looked cool to me. Then I found out that sailors who died overseas would wear gold earrings to fund their funerals. That resonated with me, as I have a sailor’s spirit,” Freeman explained.