The tale of a 92-year-old dementia patient showcasing her piano skills from memory is inspiring hope among people nationwide.

Elaine Lebar, a 92-year-old resident of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, has captured hearts across the globe with her remarkable piano performances despite battling dementia.

92-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Performs Moonlight Sonata - YouTube

Her daughter, Randi Lebar, took to Facebook to share their story, highlighting their newfound closeness in the face of Elaine’s condition.

Randi’s decision to share their journey through videos on platforms like TikTok was motivated by a desire to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s dementia and the challenges faced by families, especially during the pandemic.

92-year-old Massachusetts woman with dementia performs Beethoven's 'Moonlight  Sonata' on piano - ABC7 New York

Through these videos, viewers witness Elaine’s musical prowess and her vibrant personality shining through, even as her memory fades.

One particularly viral video features Elaine playing Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” capturing the hearts of thousands with her candid and charming demeanor.

Inspiring moment 92-year-old with dementia remembers Beethoven's  'Moonlight'... - Classic FM

Despite her struggles with dementia, Elaine finds solace and clarity at the piano, showcasing her lifelong passion for music.

Thanks to Randi’s efforts, Elaine has garnered a vast following on TikTok, becoming a beacon of hope for people worldwide. Through the power of music and love, their story serves as a reminder of the resilience and beauty found amid adversity.