It’s a heartwarming story of a cover artist who had the extraordinary opportunity to meet and even perform alongside one of the musicians he regularly covered.

For the singer, performing in public can often feel mundane. Most passersby barely pause to take notice, while others simply continue with their day without giving much attention. However, Henry Facey’s routine day took an unexpected turn.

Rod Steward Surprises Street Musician With Performance.

Henry, known as a street entertainer or ‘busker,’ had been serenading the streets of London for some time. On a seemingly ordinary November day, he wrapped up his performance with a rendition of Rod Stewart’s classic, ‘Handbags and Gladrags.’

In an unexpected twist of fate, Rod Stewart coincidentally happened to be passing by when he heard the street performer singing his song.

Busker Sings Rod Stewart Classic. Rod Stewart Hears Him, Grabs Mic, And  Brings The House Down

Rod couldn’t resist the urge to join in and asked Henry for the microphone. Henry was taken aback by the surreal moment but readily handed over the microphone.

Despite the brief duration of their impromptu performance, lasting only about two minutes, onlookers were captivated by their incredible duet.

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