Don Rickles, known for his hilarious and unpredictable demeanor, made a memorable appearance on “The Dick Cavett Show” in 1972.

As the show began, Don took his seat, and Dick greeted him warmly, expressing concern over Don’s recent illness.

Don responds by humorously mentioning that despite his recent illness, he’s been performing at the Copacabana. He describes the atmosphere at the club, with patrons laughing at everything and cigar smoke causing him trouble.

When Dick expresses surprise at picturing Don with laryngitis, Don humorously retorts, “I mean, I don’t care what you pictured.” This exchange showcases Don’s signature style of insult comedy, where he’s quick to jest with anyone, including the host, Dick Cavett.

Dick humorously remarks to Don, “I’ve always loved to watch you work, but then I’ve always liked Jackie Leonard.” Don laughs in response to Dick’s jest. Later, Don discusses his show on ABC, characterizing it as “a complete catastrophe.”

He elaborates, explaining that despite his friendships with all the working men involved, they struggled to secure funding for the show. Don vividly describes the challenging circumstances, likening it to performing in a forest with minimal resources, where one person is attempting to make do with Scotch tape and a lamp, saying, “Let’s try it again, Charlie.”

Don discusses his current affiliation with CBS, highlighting its status as a major organization. He humorously remarks that if you fail at CBS, a buzzer goes off in your room, signaling the end of your career, and he playfully mimics the sound of the buzzer as if it were his own demise.

Don humorously reflects on the challenge of finding a network that aligns with his comedic style, expressing that he cannot portray himself as a nice, adorable man as it would not be authentic to who he is. Dick quips, “You’ve managed to act that way a few times on our series,” to which Don playfully responds, “You’re starting to get on my nerves.”