Elena Volk gained popularity last year, with multiple channels featuring her story. As a vibrant 70-year-old, she danced all night, enjoyed herself, and outshone even the younger crowd with her infectious energy and zest for life.

Rather than sitting on a bench and chatting with passersby, this lively retiree, Elena, immerses herself in attending fashion events, meeting fascinating individuals, participating in photoshoots, and enjoying herself until the early hours of the morning.

Elena has been a widow for the past sixteen years.

“I used to be an obedient wife, and my husband was cool,” she reminisces.

He even danced rock & roll at the age of 60.

“Now I live for two!”

Dozens of pictures of her husband adorn the walls of Elena’s apartment, and she treasures each of his gifts, still wearing them with pride.

However, Elena is open to the idea of moving forward and even considering remarriage, but she insists her partner must be younger.

Many of her peers seem like dull grandfathers to her, and she craves excitement and vitality.

Now, Elena has mastered the art of savoring every day.

Elena prioritizes spending on entertainment rather than on medicines. She can dance for hours on end and firmly believes that her age is indiscernible on the dance floor.

Having learned to save money, Elena ensures she can fully enjoy her retirement.

However, she lacks friends as people her age typically eschew parties and an active lifestyle.

Last year, an audacious woman decided to transform her image. Teaming up with journalists from the 1 + 1 channel, she sought the expertise of a fashion stylist.

Thanks to this collaboration, the vibrant lady now boasts a stylish appearance.