Pamela Anderson was recently observed without any makeup, showcasing her natural appearance without any artificial enhancements.

All hail the queen! When she steps out, Pamela Anderson inevitably steals the spotlight, as was the case on Friday, September 2nd, when the Baywatch icon went shopping.

The 56-year-old beauty commanded the streets of Venice, California, clad in an all-white ensemble, adding a touch of glamor with a pair of Crocs x Adidas sneakers.

After receiving glowing praise for her theater debut performance as Roxie in the musical “Philly,” Patricia is relishing life to the fullest.

Pamela was reportedly “weeping tears of relief” over the positive reception, a source predominantly revealed to Hollywood Life, especially after feeling “nervous” about starring in her first acting performance since 2019.

The commentators have praised her portrayal, the individual said. She has been sharing how much this means to her with her friends while also breaking down in tears of joy.

Despite her anxiety about taking the stage during last night’s presentation, she put her heart and soul into the project and was eager to finally have the opportunity to showcase her true abilities to the nation.

The insider continued by mentioning that her high school friends and indeed the two sons she shares with her ex, Tommy Lee, D> Jagger Lee, and Brandon Thomas Lee, were present on her first night. Pamela is now able to focus on the upcoming weeks thanks to all the support and encouragement she received.