The likelihood of Keith Urban’s presence at the yearly “It’s A Bloke Thing” luncheon in Toowoomba has significantly increased following sightings by photographers at Sydney Airport last evening. This luncheon, held annually, is traditionally hosted in Toowoomba.

Confirmation of Urban’s participation came when he arrived at Wellcamp Airport around noon and proceeded to take the stage at the highly anticipated Prostate Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser event. Approximately 500 attendees, who had eagerly paid to be part of this notable occasion, were treated to Urban’s performance.

Urban holds a deep personal connection to the battle against prostate cancer, with his father, Robert, succumbing to the disease in December 2015, alongside his grandfather and other relatives. Despite his inability to save his father, Urban remains fervently committed to supporting the cause.

Despite being engrossed in his Graffiti-U World Tour across the United States, the country superstar made a poignant return to Australia to contribute to a fundraiser that has generated millions of dollars for prostate cancer research and awareness over just seven years. Even amidst his rigorous touring schedule in America, Urban prioritizes his involvement in this significant cause.

In 2017, the It’s a Bloke Thing Foundation saw an impressive $1.53 million raised, thanks to the community’s generous support, making it one of Australia’s most successful daytime fundraising endeavors. This event stands as one of the largest midday fundraising initiatives ever conducted.

Keith’s involvement in the lunchtime fundraiser significantly boosted its success, with a staggering total of $2,024,000.00 raised. Keith volunteered his time and waived any fees, demonstrating his dedication to the cause and deserving of immense recognition for his contribution.