When a student, Katie Kelzenberg, from Stillwater Area High School in Minnesota, found herself without a prom date, she decided to take a bold step and invite her favorite actor, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, to accompany her.

Known for his roles in movies like Jumanji and Disney’s Moana, The Rock is a former wrestler turned actor who commands a massive following.

Katie took to Twitter to post a video of herself extending an invitation to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, expressing her admiration as his biggest fan. Despite not expecting a response, she tagged his official account and moved on with her student life.

To her astonishment, during one Friday class, the familiar voice of Dwayne Johnson came over the school intercom, addressing the Stillwater Area High School students. He specifically mentioned Katie Kelzenberg, acknowledging her bold invitation to prom. Katie was overcome with surprise and emotion as tears welled in her eyes. Dwayne commended her courage and expressed his admiration for her initiative, despite acknowledging that she might feel embarrassed by the public recognition.

Continuing his message to Katie, Dwayne expressed his admiration for her courage and assured her that he understood she might be feeling embarrassed. Although he couldn’t attend her prom due to filming commitments, he wanted to do something extraordinary for her.

As a token of their newfound friendship, Dwayne arranged a special gift for Katie: he rented out an entire theater at Oakdale Cinemas for a private screening of his latest movie, Rampage. He invited Katie to bring along her favorite friends and closest family members, covering all expenses for popcorn, candy, and drinks. Dwayne also arranged for a gallant classmate to escort Katie to prom in his absence.

Explaining his gesture, Dwayne expressed his admiration for Katie’s charm and confidence in asking him to prom, despite the typical shyness many people feel around him. He humorously declared himself an official “Pony,” adopting the mascot of Stillwater Area High School, and wished Katie a fantastic time at prom.

In summary, Dwayne’s heartfelt gesture demonstrated his appreciation for Katie’s courage and made her prom experience unforgettable, proving once again why he’s loved by fans around the world.