Lizzo made waves on Halloween with a bold nude tribute to her ‘forever icon’ Miss Piggy, stunning fans with her daring choice.

Lizzo continues to push boundaries with her steamy Instagram posts! The 34-year-old “Scuse Me” singer surprised fans on Halloween by sharing a series of provocative photos paying homage to the Muppet icon Miss Piggy. In the daring collection, Lizzo posed nude on the floor, sporting a blonde wig and donning a Miss Piggy snout and ears set.

The singer was captured entwining her legs with a stuffed snake, reclining on her stomach while gazing thoughtfully into the distance. The second image in the three-photo series featured Miss Piggy herself striking the exact same pose. In the third snapshot, Lizzo embodied Miss Piggy once more, lounging over a couch with only a faux fur blanket for coverage.

She held onto a glass of red wine, basking in the warmth of a fireplace behind her. “A tribute to my eternal icon, MISS PIGGY,” she captioned the Halloween post, adding a touch of spooky season flair.

“The epitome of grace, style, confidence, and a warrior for love. @realmisspiggy I love you.” Lizzo concluded the post with pig snout and lipstick kiss emojis. Many of Lizzo’s 13 million followers flooded the comments section to swoon over the jaw-dropping set of pics.

“ABSOLUTELY ICONIC,” commented one, while another wrote, “Girl, you were everybody for Halloween.” “You win Halloween Lizzo!!!!” a fan gushed, while yet another reacted, “Yaaaaaasssss hunni!!! Salute a true Icon.”

Lizzo, often celebrated as a “body icon” herself, made a particularly poignant tribute to Miss Piggy. Notably, on a day when most people don costumes, she opted to bare it all. “Okay, we all know I’m fat,” she candidly shared with People during a March interview.

“I know I’m fat. It doesn’t bother me. I like being fat, and I’m beautiful and I’m healthy. So can we move on?” Furthermore, she asserts that being comfortable and body-positive has propelled her, much like her hero Miss Piggy, into the realm of an “icon.”

“I think I have a really hot body!” she declared to the magazine. “I’m a body icon, and I’m embracing that more and more every day.

It may not be one person’s ideal body type, just like, say, Kim Kardashian might not be someone’s ideal, but she’s a body icon and has created a modern-day beauty standard.”