After a recent episode of The Voice France, the adage “Children should be seen and not heard” seemed to lose its relevance. Instead, it felt like a new saying should emerge: “Children should sing more.”

This sentiment arose after listeners were captivated by Gloria, a six-year-old, as she performed “La Vie en Rose,” originally sung by the legendary French artist Edith Piaf.

Despite lacking the experience of a peak Piaf, Gloria delivered an admirable performance. While initially appearing nervous, she quickly acclimated to performing in front of the three judges and the sizable studio audience. Her interpretation of the song captivated all who listened.

As Gloria sang, the judges remained silent, deeply moved by her performance. One judge even appeared to reach into her own heart to convey the depth of emotion stirred by the song. When Gloria finished singing, the studio audience erupted into a standing ovation.

Gloria’s performance was truly remarkable! Given her talent and captivating presence, there’s a good chance we’ll see her again on The Voice France. If she continues to impress, the producers will surely invite her back for more appearances.

As for her future career, the sky’s the limit for Gloria. With her talent and potential, she could very well achieve great success and become a household name, much like Piaf herself. We’ll be eagerly watching to see where her journey takes her.

You can watch Gloria’s amazing performance here: