Without Delaney’s knowledge, her employer discreetly recorded her enchanting rendition of “Part of Your World” from “The Little Mermaid.” Delaney’s exceptional vocal abilities have catapulted her to TikTok stardom, with her video amassing over 12 million views.

The mother of the family Delaney babysits for explained her decision to capture the babysitter’s singing talent on video.

“I wanted her to hear herself when she thought nobody was watching. I was blown away to tears, cried the first time I heard her sing. I said, ‘Delaney, you have such an insane gift.'” – Nicki Maher

In the video, Maher discreetly records Delaney while she interacts with Maher’s daughter. Maher quietly walks through her house and whispers to the camera, introducing Delaney as their babysitter. Meanwhile, Delaney can be heard singing the Disney favorite in the background.

Maher added a caption to the video, expressing her desire to boost Delaney’s confidence in sharing her voice publicly. She mentioned that Delaney often feels discouraged about her appearance in videos, despite Maher and her children seeing her beauty. Maher appealed to viewers to show Delaney support so that she would feel encouraged to sing more for them.

Maher was aware of Delaney’s stunning voice and had been encouraging her to share more videos on social media. When Delaney expressed her insecurities about her singing and appearance, Maher felt saddened by her lack of confidence.

After Delaney permitted Maher to post the video on her TikTok account, it quickly gained traction and went viral.

“It’s not that she didn’t know she had a talent that so many people have already told her she had,” Maher said. “It’s that she didn’t hear it without knowing she was trying or that someone was watching. So that’s why the video was so beautiful.”

Delaney was overwhelmed by the attention and support after her video went viral. Her talent has been acknowledged globally, and now she feels confident enough to share her gift with the world.

“It’s been absolutely crazy,” Delaney added. “I’ve gotten so many amazing opportunities, and I’ve met so many amazing people who have reached out and been so kind to me. So it’s really helped my confidence, and it makes me super happy to know that people do want to hear my voice.”

Delaney’s boss has shared another TikTok video of her singing a song from Disney’s ‘Mulan.’ After a fan requested “Reflection” from ‘Mulan,’ Delaney rose to the occasion. Nicki introduces the video by saying, “This is the response you guys have been waiting for.”

Indeed, it seems likely that Delaney will continue to astound the world with her remarkable musical talents in the future.