Before rising to fame, Salma Hayek led a relatively modest life in her native Mexico, but she has since become renowned as one of the most beautiful and accomplished actors globally. Her dedication to acting, which she began honing at 18, eventually propelled her to the top echelons of the industry.

Despite her stature, she remains committed to speaking out on issues close to her heart. Notably, she advocates against domestic violence towards women, supports immigrant rights, and engages in charitable endeavors for disadvantaged children in Mexico. Though now in her 50s, Hayek’s allure remains undiminished, with her maintaining remarkable physical fitness.

Beyond her on-screen audacity, Hayek has often defied paparazzi expectations, showcasing her versatility not just as an actress but also as a fashion icon, setting trends with her distinctive style.

Salma Hayek’s stunning beauty and impeccably toned physique have established her as a formidable presence on the red carpet at premieres and high-profile events, where she has been adorned by some of the world’s most renowned luxury brands and fashion lines.

Salma Hayek Once Revealed The Secret Behind Her Glowing Face At 56 & It's Not  Washing Your Face In The Morning & Said, “It's Not Disgusting Guys…”

Given the importance of maintaining her youthful appearance, Hayek recently shared her ultimate skincare secret in a video for British GQ, revealing insights into her regimen that have helped her maintain her stunning radiance and defy the effects of time.

Across various media outlets, Hayek consistently garners recognition as one of the most attractive figures in the entertainment industry. People magazine, for instance, has featured her on its list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world multiple times, reflecting her enduring allure and age-defying charm.

Salma Hayek, 56, says key to looking young is not washing your face in the  morning

Despite nearing 60 years of age, Hayek’s youthful appearance often surprises many, a testament to her ability to preserve her beauty and physique over the years. A simple yet captivating Instagram post in 2020, in which she exuded natural elegance, garnered widespread praise and admiration, though she humorously responded to a fan’s suggestion of Botox with grace and wit.

Hayek’s approach to beauty is refreshingly natural, as she opts for minimal makeup during her downtime to maintain her appearance. While she acknowledges the need for glamor in her professional life, she embraces the natural aging process, even proudly sporting her gray hair.

Salma Hayek says secret to her younger looking skin is not washing her face  in the morning - RSVP Live

Although she remains committed to preserving her natural beauty, Hayek has ruled out cosmetic surgery, preferring instead to focus on maintaining a balanced diet. Despite her occasional indulgences, she recognizes the importance of moderation and remains open to dietary adjustments for the sake of her health and well-being.


Despite facing this challenge, Hayek remains steadfast in her dedication to maintaining optimal skin health. In a recent video released by British GQ Magazine, the multi-award-winning actress delves into her skincare routine in response to questions posed to her on Twitter about her youthful appearance despite being in her 50s.

With a touch of humor, Hayek quipped, “What? I’m 41!” before delving into her skincare wisdom passed down from her grandmother. She emphasizes the importance of not washing the face first thing in the morning, explaining that the skin naturally produces oils overnight, aiding in its rejuvenation and renewal process. While it’s crucial to cleanse thoroughly before bed, she advises against washing the face immediately upon waking up.

This isn’t the first time Hayek has shared this advice. In previous interviews with Harper’s Bazaar, she revealed her morning skincare routine, which involves applying rose water and moisturizer without using soap or sunscreen unless exposed to the sun.

Dr. Orit Markowitz, a board-certified dermatologist and the founder of OptiSkin, supports Hayek’s approach, recommending that individuals refrain from using a cleanser in the morning if they’ve already cleansed their face the night before. According to Dr. Markowitz, washing the face in the morning may not be necessary if it hasn’t come into contact with any impurities overnight.