Chris McMillan recently shared a photo on Instagram featuring himself and his longtime client Jennifer Aniston, captioned, “Nothing better than a new summer cut.” In the image, McMillan and Aniston are pictured together.

This statement rings true, especially during the warmer months when hair requires a lighter, more natural feel, allowing it to be effortlessly styled with minimal effort.

Just a week ago, Jennifer Aniston entrusted Chris McMillan to give her exactly that kind of haircut. McMillan skillfully incorporated uneven layers into her shoulder-length hair to enhance its natural texture.

The outcome was a style that, as McMillan described, “gets the job done for her.” In his caption accompanying the photo, McMillan emphasized that “a good haircut should simplify your summer routine, allowing you to effortlessly wash and wear your hair natural.”

The hairstylist also revealed that one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite products for enhancing natural texture is the Glossing Detangler from Lolavie, Aniston’s own brand of hair-care products.

McMillan specifically recommended this product to Aniston, praising its formulation, which is 99% natural and free from silicones, sulfates, and parabens. The Glossing Detangler contains a blend of superfruit complex, vegetable ceramides, and chia seeds, all designed to smooth, add shine, prime, and protect the hair. It serves as the perfect complement for achieving gorgeous hair throughout the summer.


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