In talent shows across both the UK and the US, Simon Cowell is known as a notoriously difficult judge to impress. If you deliver a stellar and confident performance, he may reward you with a smile and an invitation to advance. However, any mistake could promptly earn you a dreaded red buzzer from him.

Simon Cowell is famously difficult to impress, especially skeptical of magicians and very critical of singers, looking closely for any signs of deceit. Facing such a judge can be daunting.

Even adults find themselves trembling, let alone children. One day, 12-year-old Ansley Burns from South Carolina appeared on the show. She performed an original song with a genuine touch and a strong voice.

Simon was unconvinced and asked the young girl to sing a cappella, even offering her a glass of water. Despite appearing initially confused, Ansley accepted the challenge. To see how she did, check out the video.