As Dr. Jane Goodall’s 90th birthday approaches on April 3, she anticipates a unique celebration involving a pack of lucky dogs in California. In an interview with PEOPLE, the esteemed primatologist expressed her excitement, revealing plans for a grand event featuring a “90-dog salute” upon her arrival. She eagerly looks forward to the possibility of capturing this memorable moment from above with drones.

The festivities don’t end there; additional celebrations are scheduled throughout 2024, including a major party in New York and fundraising initiatives in San Francisco and Seattle. Goodall emphasizes her intention to celebrate for the entire year, with events planned across various Jane Goodall Institute sites worldwide, encompassing both celebratory gatherings and fundraising efforts, including auctions held in multiple countries.

Notable figures, such as Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye, and Cher, have already extended birthday wishes to Goodall, demonstrating the widespread admiration and support for her remarkable achievements.

The actor known for his role in “GoldenEye” shared a heartfelt Instagram post on Wednesday, extending warm pre-birthday wishes to Dr. Jane Goodall, praising her as a genuine trailblazer and hero of the planet. He expressed gratitude for their three-decade-long friendship and the privilege of celebrating her remarkable legacy.

Goodall mentioned that other celebrities plan to convey their birthday wishes in person during upcoming events, including appearances by Leonardo DiCaprio and performances by Dave Matthews. Despite the overwhelming attention, Goodall humbly admits she struggles to keep up with the multitude of well-wishers across various fields.

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Despite nearing her 90th birthday, Goodall maintains an incredibly busy schedule, spending over 300 days a year traveling globally to advocate for chimpanzees and environmental causes. Her relentless dedication to spreading hope through action is evident as she continues her tireless efforts worldwide.

Reflecting on her hectic schedule, Goodall notes the constant recognition she receives from strangers, particularly at airports, where she’s regularly approached for selfies and autographs. She acknowledges the dual identity she embodies: the person behind the iconic figure and the symbol created by media outlets like National Geographic and People Magazine, a responsibility she strives to uphold.