The judges of “Britain’s Got Talent” were taken aback when a young ballerina took an unexpected turn mid-performance.

Hollie, a 10-year-old dancer, initially appeared like any other contestant. She giggled as the hosts joked about her outfit, a pink and purple tutu, and a hair scrunchie.

They quipped, “Let me guess what you do.” “Some magic?” They suggested juggling, but Hollie laughed it off.

The judges seemed unimpressed, whispering among themselves as the music began. Hollie’s performance started slowly, with basic hops and twirls that failed to dazzle.

She seemed like a typical 10-year-old who had taken a few dance classes. The judges appeared ready to give her a pass once she finished.

But then, unexpectedly, Hollie began to sing as the final chords played. Her rendition of “I Could Have Danced All Night” from “My Fair Lady” showcased a deep, almost operatic voice. The audience erupted, and the judges were stunned.

As she concluded her performance dramatically, the entire audience rose to their feet in applause. The judges praised her talent, with Amanda Holden expressing astonishment at the voice emanating from such a young performer.

Piers Morgan, too, was impressed, stating that in three seasons of the show, he had never heard anyone sing as well as Hollie.

Simon Cowell, despite his initial assumptions based on her attire and song choice, acknowledged her talent, telling Hollie, “I think you’ve got a beautiful voice.”

Hollie’s audition video quickly went viral online, and she advanced to the next round. Ten years later, she is still performing, having recently returned from a year-long cruise ship stint where she appeared in the musical “Grease.”

She remains recognizable to “Britain’s Got Talent” viewers from her memorable audition.

You can watch the video here: