Eseniia Mikheeva’s performance on America’s Got Talent sounds truly captivating! It’s incredible to see such talent and passion in a young dancer. Her ability to combine dance and gymnastics into a mesmerizing routine must have left the judges and audience in awe.

7-Year-Old Stuns With Her Dance Moves On AGT - Audition Videos

The moment when Sofia Vergara translated Simon Cowell’s opinion, despite his lost voice, sounds like a humorous and memorable highlight of the audition. It’s moments like these that add an extra layer of charm and entertainment to the show.

Esenia Agt | TikTok

Receiving a unanimous “yes” from all four judges must have been an incredible validation for Eseniia and her family. It’s clear that her talent and charm have made a lasting impression, and I’m excited to see where her journey on America’s Got Talent takes her next!