Meryl Streep truly made the most of her opportunity to present Nicole Kidman with the AFI Life Achievement Award. Their history as co-stars in “The Hours” and “Big Little Lies” added a special layer of authenticity and admiration to the occasion.

Streep, known for her humor and wit, playfully addressed the challenges of being continually hailed as the greatest actress of her generation, highlighting the intense competition she felt working alongside someone as supremely talented as Kidman.

Nicole Kidman, right, accepts the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award from Meryl Streep onstage during the 49th AFI Lifetime Achievement Award Gala Tribute celebrating Nicole Kidman at Dolby Theatre on April 27 in Hollywood, California.

Streep praised Kidman’s exceptional talent and dedication, particularly noting an overwhelming experience from their time on “Big Little Lies.” According to Streep, Kidman’s ability to perform a highly emotional scene repeatedly without faltering left a lasting impression on her.

She described it as both traumatizing and awe-inspiring, illustrating just how profound Kidman’s impact was on her seasoned co-star.

Meryl Streep jokes that Nicole Kidman is so good at acting it's ' traumatizing'

Nicole Kidman’s response was equally touching, with her expressing deep admiration and respect for Streep, whom she regards as a guiding light in her own career. This mutual respect and affection made the award presentation a poignant moment, underscoring the profound connections that can form between artists at the pinnacle of their professions.