In today’s world of dance competitions and renowned TV shows, it’s common knowledge that dancers typically rehearse their routines extensively before taking the stage. However, one of the most iconic and memorable dance performances ever captured on film happened entirely spontaneously.

In the 1943 film “Stormy Weather,” starring Bill Robinson and Lena Horne, a scene featuring brothers Harold and Fayard Nicholas dancing to the classic Cab Calloway song “Jumpin’ Jive” stole the show. Remarkably, this scene was shot in one take, with no prior rehearsal of the choreography.

The brothers, displaying a remarkable bond and a shared love for dance, delivered an acrobatic and breathtaking performance that left audiences in awe. Even renowned dancer Fred Astaire hailed it as the best dancing he had ever seen on film. The Library of Congress recognized its significance by adding the movie to the National Film Registry.

If you haven’t witnessed the sheer talent of these brothers in action, prepare to be amazed by the video below. Seven decades later, their skills continue to captivate audiences just as they did when they first graced the screen.