In bustling cities, the streets often come alive with the melodies of street musicians, adding a touch of serenity to the urban hustle.

Among them is Karolina Protsendko, a talented violinist based in the United States, known for her soulful renditions of popular tunes. Encouraged by her parents, Karolina’s musical prowess has garnered widespread recognition beyond the streets of Santa Monica.

With over five million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Karolina infuses familiar melodies with her unique flair, keeping her performances fresh and captivating. Despite her rising fame, she continues to share her music freely, enchanting passersby with her heartfelt performances.

In a recent collaboration with her mother, Karolina showcased her musical heritage as they performed a touching rendition of The Beatles’ classic “Let It Be.” The duo’s harmonious performance drew a crowd of spectators, all eager to experience the magic of their music.

Raised in a musical family, Karolina’s journey began at the age of six when her family relocated to the US. Since then, she has honed her craft, attending classical school and training rigorously in Santa Monica.

With her fan base spanning over 50 countries and millions of views on various platforms, Karolina dreams of sharing her music on a global scale, spreading joy and inspiration wherever she goes.

Watch their heartwarming performance in the video below: