The amusing performance of two adorable four-year-old boys in Elvis Presley’s “Jailhouse Rock” musical has garnered over 1.7 million views, with hundreds of comments flooding the video.

Dressed in flowing “prison suits,” the five young boys dance to the iconic song of the King of Rock and Roll. As soon as the boys make their first move, the audience erupts into laughter.

Once they had captured the audience’s attention with their energetic moves, another young performer dressed as a law enforcement officer leaped onto the stage to bring the group into line. Following suit, they all adopt the same stance, keeping their hands behind their backs.

As the scene unfolds, the crowd erupts in laughter. The young law enforcement officer dashes across the stage, hands on his head, while the boys continue their dance, oblivious to his increasing frustration.

As the song progresses, all six performers engage in a lively dance, drawing applause from the audience, who clap along to the rhythm of “Jailhouse Rock.” Despite their lack of synchronicity, they compensate with charm and enthusiasm.

In a frenzy of movement, the boys tumble and roll on the floor, adding to the spectacle. After their two-minute performance concludes, they exit the stage in a single-file line, leaving the audience thoroughly entertained.