To solve this puzzle, carefully examine the block of text provided, which consists of seemingly random letters, and try to locate your name within it.

Take your time and avoid rushing, as this puzzle is more challenging than it may seem at first glance.

Many individuals tackling this challenge may find themselves growing increasingly frustrated, which is not surprising. Our understanding of what triggers irritation is often complex. If you manage to solve this puzzle swiftly and without initially checking the bottom of the page, you may indeed possess above-average intelligence.

Have you managed to find your name? If not, don’t fret. The instructions were intentionally deceptive, prompting you to search for “YOUR NAME.” Most people would naturally search for their actual names, engaging and stimulating their brains far more effectively than simply watching television.

A wide array of puzzles exists, each with its own style and level of difficulty, catering to individuals of all types. From jigsaw puzzles requiring assembly to sudoku and brain teasers, as well as riddles, there’s something for everyone. Engage your brain and prevent it from becoming sluggish by exploring the diverse world of puzzles.