Judges Bow to 7-Year-Old Singer on The Voice, Video Hits 103 Million Views

On a recent episode of The Voice, a 7-year-old contestant named Chelsea stunned the audience and judges with her exceptional rendition of an Alicia Keys classic. Within just the first few seconds of her performance, two of the judges eagerly hit their buzzers, signaling their desire for her to join their teams.

After a moment of hesitation, the third judge followed suit, turning around to witness Chelsea’s incredible talent firsthand.

Judges Nearly Kneel in Awe of 8-Year-Old Singer Chelsea on The Voice, Video Surpasses 103 Million Views

In a breathtaking performance on The Voice, 8-year-old Chelsea amazed everyone, including the judges who were nearly brought to their knees by her vocal prowess. Her rendition captivated not only the live audience but also online viewers, with the video quickly amassing over 103 million views.

Her remarkable talent left each judge and viewer in awe, confirming her exceptional gift in music. Don’t miss out on witnessing this young star in action—watch the video below!