Adam Lambert has undoubtedly enjoyed a successful career, and it seems that he’s just getting started.

His musical journey soared after finishing as the runner-up on the eighth season of the hit reality series “American Idol.” His debut album, “For Your Entertainment,” achieved tremendous success upon its release.

Adam Lambert’s talent and dedication to his craft earned him widespread recognition, particularly with the chart-topping hit “Whataya Want From Me,” which garnered acclaim from critics.

However, it was his involvement in Queen’s six-concert tour in 2011 that truly solidified Lambert’s status as a legend in the industry. Following rave reviews and comparisons to Freddie Mercury, the band decided to bring Lambert on board full-time.

Brian May, the iconic guitarist of Queen, often praises Adam Lambert for the incredible range and caliber of his voice. May has likened the experience of witnessing Lambert’s vocal growth to the moments he spent observing Freddie Mercury hone his skills.

Yet, Lambert doesn’t shy away from new challenges. Taking on the mantle of Queen’s frontman was just the beginning for him.

Adam Lambert’s poignant rendition of Cher’s song “Believe” during an event honoring Cher brought the legendary singer to tears. Whether performing his own compositions or covering songs by other artists, Lambert consistently delivers stunning vocal performances, effortlessly hitting the high notes.