It’s truly astonishing how quickly time flies, especially when you realize that iconic figures from our childhood, like Richard Gere, are now entering their 70s.

It feels like just yesterday he was the heartthrob of “Pretty Woman,” making countless hearts flutter. Now, at 71, he continues to capture our attention, reminding us of the swift passage of time.

This year, Richard Gere’s father celebrated a remarkable 99 years of life. On Instagram, Richard shared a touching photo of the two of them, marking the special occasion.

Comments flooded in on the post, echoing sentiments of admiration and surprise: “Long life to Daddy,” “Beautiful,” and many remarking on how youthful Richard looks: “It’s bliss to be a kid at 71,” “Is the girl old or does it seem to me?” The comments reflected a mixture of admiration, confusion, and joy at the enduring vitality of both father and son.

“Looks amazing,” “Cheerful grandfather,” and “How awesome” were among the sentiments expressed by admirers in the comments section. The repeated sentiment that “It’s happiness to be a child at 71” underscored the joy and vitality captured in the image of Richard Gere and his father.

Yes, Richard Gere’s wedding to Alejandra Silva in April of this year garnered significant attention. While the ceremony itself took place in Spain, the reception was held in New York City. Alejandra Silva, Gere’s wife, had a child from a previous relationship, adding another dimension to their family dynamic.

Richard Gere and his wife welcomed their first child together, a boy named Alexander, into the world on February 11, 2019. They chose to give him his mother’s name as part of his full name.