Marc Martel, a Canadian-born artist, is renowned for his talents as a performer, singer, and composer. While he gained recognition as a member of the Christian band Downhere, it was his rendition of “Somebody to Love” on his YouTube channel that propelled him to global fame.

Martel’s voice bore a remarkable similarity to that of Freddie Mercury, the iconic vocalist of Queen, leading the video to amass over one million views in a remarkably short span of time.

The movie acted as an audition for the Queen Extravaganza tribute band, later established as the official touring band for Queen. Roger Taylor and Brian May, original members of Queen, oversaw the selection process for the band.

While Martel was accustomed to the pressure of living up to Freddie Mercury’s legacy during nightly performances, nothing could have truly prepared him for the moment of performing in front of Celine Dion, a living icon renowned for her unmatched vocal prowess.

As a guest on Radio Canada TV, Celine Dion expresses her desire to listen to “Somebody to Love.” To her surprise, her wish is promptly fulfilled as Marc Martel takes the stage, accompanied by a choir and a string quartet. From the first few notes of the song, Dion is overcome with emotion and begins to cry, a testament to the power of Martel’s voice that moves even one of the greatest vocalists of our time.

Throughout the performance, Dion remains completely captivated, singing along with Martel from her seat. At the conclusion of the song, she rises to her feet, applauding with tears in her eyes. Overwhelmed with emotion, Dion approaches Martel, expressing her gratitude and affection through repeated hugs, a genuine display of appreciation for his remarkable talent.

Since his performance in front of Celine Dion, Marc Martel has continued to find success in his career. Despite Rami Malek taking on the role of Freddie Mercury in the upcoming Queen film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” Martel will provide the singing voice of Mercury and handle all the necessary new recordings for the film.