Celine Dion, born in Charlemagne, Canada in 1968, is globally celebrated as one of Canada’s most illustrious singers. The Bee Gees, formed in 1958 by brothers Maurice, Robin, and Barry Gibb, gained fame for their outstanding songwriting and composing prowess. Their talents extended to creating and producing music for various artists, including Dion.

For Celine Dion, the Bee Gees crafted the song “Immortality,” which saw significant success upon its release as a single in 1998. The song reached the top ten in Europe and peaked at fifth position on the UK charts. Despite encountering challenges during its creation, Barry and Maurice Gibb took a short break before returning to the studio, ultimately completing the song in just a few minutes.

“Immortality” was recorded for Celine Dion’s 1997 album Let’s Talk About Love, featuring backing vocals by the Gibb brothers.

To experience the magical collaboration between Celine Dion and The Bee Gees on “Immortality,” watch the video below.