During his comedy act titled “Netflix Is a Joke,” held on Friday in Los Angeles, Pauly Shore revealed his numerous ambitions. Shore made it clear that he plans to star in a Richard Simmons biopic, stating that he would proceed with the project “whether [Simmons] likes it or not.”

During his “Netflix Is a Joke” comedy concert on Saturday night in Los Angeles, 56-year-old comic Pauly Shore shared his intentions, as reported by Variety. Shore disclosed his plans to the audience during his performance, stating, “I’m also going to be starring in the Richard Simmons biopic… regardless of whether he likes it or not.”

Variety noted that Shore’s set lasted nearly an hour and a half, but it was his announcement about the biopic that garnered media attention. Despite attempts to reach Simmons’ representative, Entertainment Tonight received no response.

Despite claims by ET that Richard Simmons did not support the initiative, Pauly Shore proceeded with releasing photographs and a teaser video for “The Court Jester,” portraying Simmons. Shore had previously expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “I couldn’t be more thrilled about the opportunity to tell the world about Richard Simmons’ life. This biopic is more important than ever before for all of us.” He praised Simmons for representing mental health, fitness, and authenticity.

However, Simmons’ representative later clarified to ET, stating, “Richard and I are not interested in supporting this project. It has not been approved.” Simmons himself addressed the issue on his verified Facebook account, emphasizing that he had not granted consent for the film’s production and expressing a desire for a serene and quiet life.