Contrary to popular belief, the lady in the viral video is actress Liu Haocun, not Jackie Chan’s daughter. The endearing sequence is really from Chan’s most recent movie, “Ride On.” Actually, his daughter’s name is Etta Ng Chok Lam, and things between them are not well right now.

Etta has bravely come out and revealed her father’s desertion. They are said to have been estranged because of her lesbian identification and the difficulties that followed. Even though Jackie Chan is quite wealthy, Etta has had difficulties, such as times when she was homeless.

Jackie Chan cries with on-screen daughter, slammed for 'disowning' real  daughter - Hindustan Times

Jackie Chan had an adulterous romance with beauty pageant winner Elaine Ng Yi-lei in 1999, which led to the birth of Etta. Etta was born as a result of Chan’s activities, despite the fact that he had been married to Joan Lin since 1982. Chan acknowledged his prior transgressions and said, “I’m not a saint.” Something went wrong on my end. I’ve accomplished something that a lot of guys have done worldwide. Perhaps it was a lighthearted moment.

Etta has added to the complexity of the matter by accusing her father of holding homophobic beliefs, which has damaged their relationship. Many people are astonished and disappointed by this news.

Fact check: Jackie Chan's heartwarming video with daughter is actually a  movie scene - AS USA

Many people were moved by what seemed to be a sincere father-daughter conversation as the viral video went viral. But when the facts came to light, it was evident that the situation was considerably more complicated and painful than first thought.

over the accusations made by his daughter in 2018 and the confusion over the veracity of the video, Jackie Chan has not spoken out. This sad circumstance highlights a fact that many people were previously ignorant of. It’s critical to spread this information so that others can understand the difficulties Jackie Chan’s estranged daughter faces.