Sissy Spacek is 73 years old and has been married to her husband, Jack Fisk, for 50 years. The couple enjoys their quiet farm life and has no regrets about leaving the city for a more peaceful existence.

Spacek is a renowned singer and actress with several awards to her name. Despite her Hollywood success, she and her husband have one of the longest and strongest marriages in the industry.

Sissy Spacek and Jack Fisk in California in 2013. | Source: Getty Images

Recently, the couple renovated their barn into a painting and recording studio. Spacek praised her husband, calling him an incredible artist from whom she has learned so much.

She credits their decision to move to a farm and the deep connection she shares with her husband for her massive success. Spacek explained that they both deeply understand each other’s interests and motivations, allowing each other to pursue their passions.

Living in her 70s, Spacek is incredibly grateful for their vibrant relationship, even though it feels like time has flown by.

The actress also loves to let her artistic side flourish in her garden. She revealed that she has been adding peonies and boxwood trees to it and proudly said that her garden is beautiful because of her hard work.

Sissy Spacek Supports Nominated Husband Jack Fisk at Oscars 2024 a Month  Before Their 50th Anniversary

Spacek truly loves her quiet life on the farm. One of her favorite activities is sitting on her porch with a battery-operated fan and gazing at her surroundings.

While she enjoys her scenic home, Spacek also adores her husband’s sense of humor, describing it as “so good it’s bad.”

As Spacek approaches her 73rd birthday on Christmas Day, she reflects on how her relationship with her daughters has evolved, noting that their roles have reversed and they now take care of her.

For instance, when they are at the airport, her daughters lead the way to the gates. They appreciate the life they were given growing up and reciprocate by looking after her. Spacek mentioned that her eldest, Schuyler, inherited her singing talent, while her youngest is a visual artist like her father.

Sissy Spacek Supports Nominated Husband Jack Fisk at Oscars 2024 a Month  Before Their 50th Anniversary

Moving from City to Farm Was the Best Decision for Their Family
At the peak of their fame, Spacek and her husband decided to leave city life behind, selling their home in Topanga Canyon for a farm in rural Virginia.

The couple bought the farm to escape Hollywood and lead a quieter life. This decision was not only for their sanity but also to give their daughters a normal upbringing.

Spacek realized that it was easy to get consumed by the “movie star life,” so she wanted her family to experience a more peaceful existence. She felt the need to live a normal life and be around “normal people,” which she now does. Despite her fame, Spacek buys her groceries and helps train the horses she and Fisk raise.

Moving to the farm did wonders for her children and her marriage. Her kids experienced the joy of playing outside, feeling the “dirt between their toes,” and having a rooted upbringing. Meanwhile, she and Fisk enjoyed more time together.

It was crucial for Spacek to provide her children with a childhood free from media pressure, allowing them to make mistakes and grow naturally.

The long-time couple met in 1972 while filming “Badlands.” Spacek starred in the film, and Fisk was building the set. Initially, they did not fully believe in the idea of marriage. In fact, after they tied the knot, they put $30 in their bank account because that was how much it cost to get a divorce.

However, that $30 was never needed. Spacek and Fisk only grew stronger over the years, and now they can’t imagine life without each other. “Now I think it would take something dramatic like death to end it,” said the actress.