Victoria Principal is honoring Priscilla Pointer, who portrayed her on-screen mother Rebecca Wentworth in the iconic television series “Dallas,” on the occasion of her milestone 100th birthday.

Taking to Instagram, the 74-year-old actress shared her best wishes for Pointer’s special day. Pointer, who played a significant role as Principal’s on-screen mother, received a heartfelt birthday greeting from the actress.

Principal shared a photo and note that Pointer had given her when she departed from the “Dallas” series. Expressing her gratitude for Pointer’s generosity, Principal conveyed sincere birthday wishes to her on this momentous occasion.

Accompanying the post was a black-and-white photograph capturing a mother-daughter scene from “Dallas,” featuring Principal as Pamela Barnes and Pointer as Rebecca Wentworth. Below the image, Pointer’s handwritten message could be seen, adding a personal touch to the heartfelt tribute.

The note read, “Dear Victoria, I am grateful for the beautiful flowers and the heartfelt note. You are extremely important to me, and I never want to lose contact with you. Mrs. Priscilla.”

In the early 1980s, Pointer portrayed the role of Rebecca in a total of forty-four episodes of the television show “Dallas.” The series followed the Ewing family as they navigated the complexities of their vast oil empire.

Meanwhile, Principal was a main cast member on the show from its inception in 1978 until its conclusion in 1987. Reflecting on the show’s 40th anniversary, she revealed to PEOPLE that she felt an instant connection to the character of Pamela from the moment she auditioned.

“I felt it was something really special as soon as I finished reading it, and I wanted to be a part of it with all my heart,” she shared. “I couldn’t imagine not being Pam.”

However, Principal noted a decline in the quality of writing as the show progressed, which ultimately led to her decision to depart after nine years.

“When it came time to renegotiate the writers’ contracts, I felt that some had left due to unfair deals,” she explained. “I was candid about my concerns and disappointments regarding the decline in writing quality. We had such fantastic plots and writing.”

Despite her exit, Principal is delighted that younger generations are discovering the iconic series.

“I’m thrilled that people are introducing their children or grandchildren to ‘Dallas’ based on all the emails I’ve received,” she expressed. “It warms my heart to see that ‘Dallas’ continues to be remembered.”