At the 60th anniversary celebration of “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit,” Martha Stewart embraced her iconic status during an interview with ET. The 82-year-old lifestyle guru expressed her satisfaction with being referred to as an “icon,” stating, “You work hard, you get some awards and some rewards.”

Stewart was thrilled to be part of the “Legends” cover alongside celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Tyra Banks. Reflecting on the experience, she remarked, “We actually all got together and posed in those beautiful pictures and all looked great.” She also acknowledged the photographer and editor for their success, describing the collaboration as “very pleasant.”

The original post seems to have been either made private or removed entirely.

Martha Stewart’s connection with Sports Illustrated goes beyond her recent engagement. She recalls receiving copies of the publication during her upbringing, mentioning, “I had three brothers, and they were kind of interested.”

Reflecting on her past year since gracing the magazine’s cover, Stewart expresses joy at the opportunity to dress up and reminisces about the shoot without any anxieties, crediting editor-in-chief MJ Day for a delightful experience.

Stewart celebrated her return to the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit with a message on Instagram, proudly declaring herself a cover star once again. The post highlights her historic achievement as the magazine’s oldest cover star and announces her feature in a special trilogy of covers for the 2024 60th anniversary issue.