In today’s modern era, child prodigies are becoming increasingly common. It’s not unusual to find children as young as 5 to 8 years old excelling alongside masters in various fields. While some kids showcase their talents in sports, others shine in the realm of music.

Recently, an 8-year-old named Olivier captivated passersby at Kings Cross Station in London, UK, with his remarkable piano performance. Many onlookers couldn’t resist capturing the breathtaking moment on their smartphones.

The scene unfolds with Olivier confidently playing a lively, foot-tapping tune on the piano. His little fingers move deftly over the keys, mesmerizing everyone around him. As the crowd watches in awe, Terry Miles, a seasoned pianist, and songwriter, suddenly appears and joins Olivier at the piano.

Terry, known for his expertise in boogie-woogie piano, waits for the perfect moment before blending his jingles into the tune. Despite his skill, Terry allows Olivier to take the lead, content to play a supporting role.

Terry Miles, or Terence Andrew Miles, is a well-known English pianist with a long music career, having played in various bands and as a solo artist. Nowadays, he focuses on his popular YouTube channel, where he continues to share his love for music.

The passersby are enchanted by Olivier’s unique talent. Some capture the performance on their phones, while others simply enjoy the live experience. After a while, Terry steps back, letting Olivier take the spotlight once more.

However, Terry can’t stay away for long and soon rejoins Olivier at the piano. Eventually, he steps back again, allowing Olivier to continue mesmerizing the audience with his incredible talent and nimble fingers.