Susan Sarandon, 76, Silences Critics with Perfect Response to Fashion Backlash

Renowned for her fearless approach both on and off the screen, Susan Sarandon has never shied away from standing her ground. So when critics began targeting her fashion choices, she decided to set the record straight.

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A Storied Career in Hollywood

Susan Sarandon has enjoyed a distinguished career in Hollywood and continues to thrive. She first gained recognition as Janet Weiss in the 1975 cult classic musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Following this, she starred in numerous acclaimed films, including the beloved Thelma & Louise, which earned her a Best Actress nomination at the Academy Awards. Ultimately, she won an Oscar for her role in Dead Man Walking.

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Advocacy for Body Positivity and Self-Expression
Sarandon has always championed body positivity and uses her fashion sense to express herself. She is outspoken about the causes she supports and has a candid, unapologetic demeanor.

When she wore a white jacket with a black bra to a red carpet-event, it drew some criticism. One journalist called her outfit “totally inappropriate.” Rather than defending herself verbally, Sarandon responded with a powerful image—an old photo of herself wearing only panties, proudly flaunting her physique. This visual statement effectively silenced her detractors.

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Embracing Age with Confidence
Sarandon doesn’t worry about aging and prioritizes what truly matters to her. In an interview, she remarked, “When your sense of time has an ending and isn’t finite, like how it feels when you’re young… When you understand that time is precious, you tend not to waste energy on the small stuff and surround yourself with people who are vital, curious, brave, and adventurous.”

When asked how she maintains her youthful appearance, Sarandon shared her simple approach: “Laugh a lot, get regular exercise, eat well, and stay out of the sun.” She also acknowledged the importance of having a great makeup and hair team.

A Unique Force in Hollywood
Susan Sarandon is undeniably a unique force in Hollywood. She remains unfazed by negative comments and continues to follow her path. Her response to critics highlights her resilience and commitment to self-expression. What do you think of her way of handling criticism?